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Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update: 5 Things to Know

Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update: 5 Things to Know is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

After years of rumors, the massive Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 update is finally coming. Supercell has shared teaser videos, blog posts, and more revealing all the details. With that in mind, here’s everything players need to know about the Town Hall 12 update. Like changes to engineered bases, the new Giga Tesla, Siege Machines, a crazy Electro Dragon and more.

Each day this week Supercell has shared exciting Clash of Clans news or Town Hall 12 details. We have new info about the Siege workshop, June balance changes, and all the new building levels and upgrades we can expect from the Clash of Clans Summer June update.

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This summer, Supercell will unleash its biggest update in over two years. The most exciting thing about Town Hall 12 is that it’ll fight back and help defend your village. Town Hall 12 is the first weaponized Clash Town Hall. Once engaged, the building turns into a new Giga Tesla loaded with firepower and electricity. To combat that, we’re getting a new Electro Dragon that will help destroy everything in its path.

Town Hall 12 Confirmed

This is no longer a rumor, speculation, or something fans want to see happen. Town Hall 12 is 100% official, real, and likely coming this month. After a quick teaser a few days ago, Supercell confirmed Town Hall 12 and a bunch of other exciting changes. Here’s the Town Hall 12 update video.

  • Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 is confirmed
  • TH12 is a defensive structure and turns into a Giga Tesla when under attack
  • You can upgrade your Town Hall 12 five times
  • TH12 Giga Tesla Lvl 5 explodes when it’s destroyed
  • Town Hall 12 Update will usher in tons of changes
  • New Siege Workshop with the Battle Blimp & Wall Wrecker
  • All-new Electro Dragon Troop

Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update Release Date

First things first, when is the Clash Town Hall 12 update coming? Well, we’re not sure yet, but there’s a good chance it’ll arrive on June 11th or 12th. Supercell hasn’t shared an exact date, and sneak peek teasers just finished.

That said, Supercell is hosting a Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update livestream on June 10th at 3:30 PM ET. That’s where they’ll showcase what’s new, but that isn’t the release date. Basically, it’s still a mystery. With speak peeks ending, a live stream kicking off this weekend, and the hammer jam event expiring on Sunday night, we could be in for a Monday Clash update release date. Even a Supercell moderator believes it’ll be Monday or Tuesday.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update Highlights (Important Stuff)

There are far too many changes to mention in one post. However, we’ll highlight some of the most important changes in our bullet list below. Otherwise, click here and click here for more details.

  • Army Camp level 10 (+5 each camp at TH12)
  • Wall Ring price drop from 200 Gems to 100 Gems
  • Each Wall Ring covers 1M in resources
  • Town Hall 12 Gold & Elixir Storage increased to 12 Million, Dark Elixir 240k
  • Substantial price discount on walls
  • Star Bonus Reward drastically increased
  • Winnings in Clan Wars increased from 600% to 700%, draw increased to 350%, loss from 180 to 300%
  • Major changes to Freeze spell, lightning spell, housing space, training time & cost, and more
  • Miner Movement speed increased from 250 to 400, hides in 0.6 seconds (down from 1.2)
  • Builder Base gets 20 New Wall Pieces (4 segments)
  • Removed Eagle Artillery 3x damage bonus to Golems and more
  • Siege Workshop (Battle Blimp & Wall Wrecker)
  • Players must place all available builders before upgrading their Town Hall level (prevents engineered bases)
  • Electro Dragon is a powerful new troop.

Can you see the new Siege Workshop in the photo above? Afer the first few big announcements, Supercell has address problems in the game, community complaints, fixed engineered bases, then added a new gameplay mechanic and the first new troop in over 2 years. Basically, this is a massive update through and through.

Siege Machines will change how TH12 players attack. You can brew a Battle Blimp or a Wall Wrecker, then put it in the clan castle. These two machines carry your troops, and you can deploy the Clan Castle siege troops when and where you want. The Battle Blimp and Wall Wrecker blast walls or fly over walls and go straight toward the Town Hall, or the Eagle.

These two new “tanks” will make a major difference in how players attack, strategize, and use Clan Castle troops. And remember, that’s on top of higher troop levels, more powerful spells, and the Electro Dragon.

Town Hall 12 Giga Tesla

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Town Hall 12, aside from all the upgrades and changes, is that it’s the first weaponized Town Hall that will shoot back at its attackers. After you upgrade to TH12, you can upgrade it again to unlock the defensive side, the Giga Tesla. This will likely be an expensive and time-consuming update, but one absolutely worth waiting for.

Upgrading your Town Hall

Once you unlock the Giga Tesla your Town Hall will defend the village from incoming attackers. Once attacked, the Giga Tesla will emerge and fire beams of electricity at the enemy. It will target one troop at a time, but you can upgrade the Giga Tesla to level 5.

At level 5, the Giga Tesla does massive amounts of damage, targets 4 troops at a time, and has a new ability just like the Barbarian King or Queen. When the attackers take down your Town Hall 12, if it’s a level 5 Giga Tesla, it will explode doing massive amounts of area damage as a last-ditch effort to save your village. It sounds incredibly overpowered, and we can’t wait to see it in action.

The Electro Dragon is likely a direct answer and counter to the Giga Tesla. Not to mention the Siege Machines will help attackers reach the Town Hall before it destroys everything.

Other Details & What’s Next

At this point, we know everything that’s coming in the TH12 update. We’re not expecting any more crazy surprises, and sadly, we didn’t get a Builder Base 9 this time. That said, expect another update later this month or a Clash of Clans July update to fix some problems, balance out this major release, and potentially add a few more things.

At the end of the day, I’m extremely excited about these changes. Especially after playing this game for nearly 6 years. Plus, I just like the idea of my Town Hall exploding and taking out an entire army of Bowlers at once.

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Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update: 5 Things to Know is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

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