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Lent is a period of spiritual rehabilitation and arms giving– Rev.Fr Onyeayanenwane.

Reverend father Daniel Onyeayanenwane, has called on all Christians to use
this period of lent for spiritual rehabilitation and arms giving.
Father Daniel as he is called,said as Christians are fasting and praying
for spiritual rehabilitation, they must not forget that there are many
people who need assistance and physical rehabilitation .

Father Daniel who is having a three day retreat at Society of St Paul
,Obawle ,Iju,Lagos ,said it would be of no effect if after fasting
praying,the person did not increase spiritually and did not affect the
lives of the needy :” Let me tell you, when you fast ,that food you are
supposed to eat in the morning, should not be kept for launch, it should be
given to those who need .This period of lent should be a period where the
poor will replenish their wardrobes,because, the rich should be generous in
giving to them.It is a time,when the poor should stuff assorted food in
their kitchens because,the rich should be generous enough to give out food
to them.

” If you think you are doing good to the poor by giving arms,you are
wasting your time .You have not done anything extraordinary as you are
paving ways for your spiritual rehabilitation. You are doing it for
yourself .Remember what Jesus said that whatsoever you do to the least of
my brother ,you did it for him.He said ,when he was hungry you gave him to
eat,when he was thirsty ,you gave him to drink.Did you see Jesus,no,but,you
gave him through the lives you affected on earth.

” I wept when I visited abandoned peoples home in Kinshasa ,Congo.I saw
children smelling ,suffering and looking for parental care.When I remember
the scene, I weep. You don’t need to travel to Kinshasa to see these
children. They are in Lagos and everywhere in the country. Visit motherless
babies homes and show them love.You don’t need to advertise it,because, it
is a personal thing with God.

“Your Christianity and fasting is useless when after fasting and praying,
you are still oppressing your staff,you are still owing him salary. Your
Christianity and fasting is useless when you still indulge in your
sins.Your Christianity is useless when you are not grateful to God for all
He has done for your family.If you are not grateful to God,you are a great
fool.Let us show love to one and another and show gratitude to God “

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