Drums of war as Ohanaeze youths vow to fight herdsmen

The Ohanaeze Youths group has described the attacks by Fulani herdsmen on Igbo communities as invitation to war.

The group said ‘enough is enough ” and has vowed to declare total war on herdsmen and their cattle if the Federal Government fails to disarm the group.

Drums of war as Ohanaeze youths vow to fight herdsmen

In a statement signed by national president of Ohanaeze Youth Council, Nazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro,national secretary, Okwu Nnabuike,and the public relations officer, Obina Adobe,they said the government was giving protective cover to herdsmen who have been responsible for destruction of life and property.

” we regret to say that the federal government has adopted double standard in the handling of herdsmen’s terrorism and Igbo’s nonviolent youth agitating for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra, while allowing the Fulanis to kill people opposed to having cows passing and grazing on their farmlands and kill communities protesting against such.Yet the government gives them cover,but,tagged IPOB ,that has not fired a shot or slapped anybody as a terrorist group.

” We hereby issue a stern warning to the federal government to curtail the nefarious activities of the fundamentalist Fulani herdsmen and disarm them than giving them protective coverage while they destroy lives and farmlands or we engage them fire -for-fire in all parts of igboland.

” We hereby use this medium to ban open cow grazing and rearing activities and anyone seen doing so,should be made to understand that where his economic rights stops ,is where another person’s begins.

“We tell Igbo communities to form rings to guard and protect their areas and farmlands and deal decisively with anybody destroying their farmlands and bearing unlicenced arms .It is no more business as usual.Enough is enough’.

Herdsmen have unleashed mayhem on many states,from Kogi,Benue ,Ebonyi states ,the recent being the attack on Enyanwu Igwe village,where four persons were killed and economic trees were destroyed.

Delta State Governor ,Senator Ifeanyi Okowa,has raised the alarm over the occupation of some communities in the state.

He has appealed to the Inspector-General of Police Ibrahim Idris,to save the communities from the hands of Fulani herdsmen .

Three communities have been captured by herdsmen who compelled the indegenes to pay tax before they would have access to their farms.

Mark Okolie ,an activist,described the forceful occupation of the communities as afront and disgrace to the government.

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