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How I was shot for refusing to join cult group – Victim

Daddyboy suspected cult leader killed over girlfriend.

A staff of Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, Mr. Lori Eyituoyo Peter is thanking God for how he survived gunshots fired at him by a cult leader for refusing to join his group.

Peter’s leg in the hospital.

Peter want s the Lagos State Police Command to bring the cult leader and his group to book as he claimed they were still walking the streets of Lagos unchallenged by the law.

Narrating his ordeals,Peter alleged that on :”  July 24,2017  ,I  was going to work very early in the morning when I  was accosted by four men who claimed they knew me.I looked at them, but I could not make up whether I had met with them.I greeted them ,but i  was was scared as they surrounded me.

I wanted to run ,but the man I suspect maybe their leader,warned that i should not try any funny movement. I asked what they needed from me as I thought they were armed robbers.

“The man who I suspect may be their leader said I should follow them to a darker corner,I did while I was praying for possible opportunity to escape,but it never came.At the corner,the man warned that I should listen carefully to him.He now introduced himself as the leader of Aiye confraternity and others as his members.He said the group has a period of grace to recruit more members and that he has been monitoring my movements and decided to recruit me as I would be useful to their society.

” I was miffed by his statements and I told him that I am a child of God and that I wont join a cult group .He got angry and started shouting ask me irrelivant questions which i could not answer .As he was shouting,i thought people would come to my rescue ,but everybody was going on his or her business. He now asked me if i was a child of God ,was i saying that they were children of the devil,I kept quite and he asked whether he was not Worthy to ask me questions.

He became more infuriated when I asked him to allow me to go and he said get what you want and shot me in my leg.I fell down and he said ‘this is just the beginning, for refusing to join us,we have declared you our enemy and we have declared a battle between you and our group.They left me in the pool of my blood. It was when they gone far that people started coming for my rescue 

” While battling with death, I remembered my wife Roli   Lori and my children who wished me goodbye when I was leaving the house ,I wept as I thought I would bleed to death .I was lucky to be revived as I lost too much blood .In the hospital, I was told that some bullets were lodged inmy leg.I went to traditional bone setter who mended my injured bone.some bullets are still lodged in my legs.

” I have reported the matter to the Police ,but they told me if I see any of my attackers ,I should call them,but each time I see them and call the Investigating Police Officer,he would give me one reason or the other.My life is in danger and that is why I am calling on the state Commissioner of Police to come to my rescue and bring my attackers to justice.I know that many people are going through the same problem with me.The CP should intensify his war an cultism as it the order of the day.Members of cult groups are forcefully recruiting members,especially minors”.

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