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NCC Explains Fast Data Depletion Among Nigerian Subscribers

NCC Explains Fast Data Depletion Among Nigerian Subscribers


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has provided insights into the factors contributing to rapid data depletion among mobile telecommunication subscribers in Nigeria, addressing concerns raised by consumers.

The NCC’s Consumer Affairs Bureau clarified the reasons behind fast data exhaustion, amidst complaints from subscribers accusing service providers like MTN, Airtel, Globacom, and 9mobile of data fraud.

The Commission highlighted several factors responsible for rapid data consumption:

The NCC pointed out that heavy usage of data for activities such as streaming videos or music, downloading large files, and prolonged use of data-intensive apps can quickly deplete data limits. Certain applications continue to consume data even when not actively in use, accumulating background data usage that contributes to data depletion. Apps, operating systems, and other software updating automatically also consume significant amounts of data. GPS and other location-based services, particularly when used with navigation apps like Google Maps, consume substantial data. In-app advertisements that display consume data, regardless of user interaction, contributing to data depletion. Data roaming charges incurred when using phones abroad can quickly deplete data allowances. Viruses and malware can consume data without the user’s knowledge, necessitating prompt removal if suspected.

The Commission advised subscribers to manage their data usage effectively by disabling location services for unnecessary apps, installing ad-blockers to manage unsolicited advertisements, and utilizing Wi-Fi connections whenever possible to reduce reliance on cellular data.

“NCC further recommended that subscribers experiencing frequent data depletion consider upgrading to larger data plans to better meet their usage needs,” the advisory added.

The NCC’s guidance aims to empower subscribers with knowledge to protect against data depletion and enhance their overall mobile data experience.

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