Political Saboteurs responsible for kogi jailbreak-Bello  By Phil Ngozi Oji 

Posted On 17 Sep 2021
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Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, has accused political saboteurs as being responsible for the recent Kaba jail break.


The governor said some politicians sponsored the attack to discredit the watertight security put in place by him.


The governor who was represented by the state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Kingsley Fanwo, during press conference in Lagos on Friday, said the government was looking into the issue to fish out those who were sabotaging the state .


He said the attack was primarily to rubbish Bello’s security architecture and his political strategies.


He said there was intelligence as regards the attack which he communicated to the military:”We have intelligence as regards planned attack on the Custodial centre which we communicated to the appropriate quarters. We were assured that 20 military men would be stationed to counter any aggression.


“People should not also undermine the plain fact that there are high-profile criminal inmates in the Custodial centre and their members would do everything devilish possible to free them.That is why we want government should to do more to protect the correctional facilities”.


According to him, the jail break had taught the state a great lesson that would propel it to do more in rejiging the security architecture of the state


“Despite all odds the state remains one of the best and safest state in the country as regards security matters.This rubbish will make us to be more formidable in our war against crimes and criminality.


“Recalled that beefore 2015 Kogi State was regarded as kidnappers and criminals den where people claimed that passing through the state was like walking through the shadow of death. Surprisingly, when Governor Yahaya Bello, took over as Governor, he invited stakeholders who brainstorm on solution to the security problems after which they mapped out strategies that are still working for the state.


“First, he discovered that security agencies were not able to move around the state because of lack of patrol vehicles. We bought 240 patrol vans which we assigned ten to each local government and this afford security agencies to patrol the local government and the entire state.


“We also incorporate local vigilantes and hunters into our state security architecture who work in synergy with security agencies. We also discovered that the locals were not giving information to the police for fear of being implicated. The governor put in place method which the locals can give out information without being betrayed” he added


According to him, the governor de-emphasised the toga of relating a particular crime to a particular ethic group adding that if a criminal is arrested ;he is treated squarely according to the Crime he committed.


” We don’t want to hear Fulani herdsmen. What we know is that a criminal is a criminal and must be treated as such”, he said


Fanwon who re-empharsized that the attack on Kaba Custodial centre was a coordinated one by saboteurs, said the government would do all in it’s capacity to rejig the security network of the state.


“We are going to do more on fortifying our state especially government facilities and bring all those sabotaging our state to book” he said

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