Serving senator took my land, vows to eliminate me — Anuoluwapo

Serving senator took my land, vows to eliminate me -- Anuoluwapo

Nigeria is really facing lots of challenges, especially that of insecurity. The insecurity in the country cannot be quantified, as it is not only from the terrorists, herdsmen, and hoodlums, but that those who were voted into power to protect their people are the ones threatening the people.
The case of MrAkinseye 0luwasegun Anuoluwapo is one of such cases of leaders making life unbearable for their people.

Anuoluwapo, who spoke with said he has been displaced from his home by a serving senator, who according to him, forcefully took over his landed property and has been threatening to wipe out his family if he dared report the matter to the Police or nongovernmental organization.

Mr. Anuoluwapo, who has appealed to the international community to wade into the matter and save him from the hands of the senator (names withheld), said he has become a wastrel in his country where he once had a home and company that was taking good care of his family.
“I am in terrible and pitiable conditions. My mother is from Solomon Island, Cameroon, but I am a full-fledged Nigerian because my father is a Nigerian. I was working in Adamawa State but owned a house in Maiduguri. Last year, my mum sent me that she was sick because, despite the fact that she is separated from my dad, I still have a cordial relationship with her.

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When I arrived in Solomon Island, I met her very sick. That was the beginning of my predicaments as the Immigration officer who helped me to procure the traveling documents, did fake papers for me. When I came back to Maiduguri where I owned a house and company that is properly registered, my house has been raided by armed security operatives including Soldiers and policemen assisted by armed thugs.

” I was told that a serving senator has won a court case against the land that I built my house and that the property has been conceded to him. I reported the matter to the police, but they did not do anything about it. To my utmost surprise, the Senator ordered for the demolition of my house which was done instantly. I was only able to salvage my machines and working equipment. Every other thing went into the rubble. After demolishing my house, my family became fugitives in our own country. We moved to my grandmother’s house. Even in my grandmother’s house, the senator was still threatening to make life unbearable for me, so my family ran with the last money on me to Ghana to avoid being wiped out. Things were really difficult in Ghana too. So, someone suggested that I should relocate to the peaceful land and where no one will trouble me. Canada is a good country that I would be glad to live in if I am accepted by the government of the country. The insecurity situation in Nigeria, especially that of Boko Haram insurgents, attacks by herdsmen, cult groups, and diseases tormenting us is not enough, our leaders are still making life more difficult for us. I have to run away, because of the injustices in Nigeria. Life is really short and brutish. Recently my uncle, Ahaji Yusuf, was killed. After seeing how he was killed, I have to device means on how to leave the country or perish as the senator has promised me. I am not lazy, I have skill jobs; barbing, farming, nylon production. I can perfectly drive fork lifting machines, but the strong politician has deprived me of means of livelihood and making life unbearable for me “,

he stated.

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