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Strange family found in Cross River, weird or insanity?

Strange family found in Cross River, weird or insanity?

A family of five in Ogoja, Cross River State, is in the news for their strange appearance in the town. No one could tell if they are mentally unstable or just weird and nobody knows where they came from or who they are. People are really interested to know who they are and why they are in the area.


Strange family found in Cross River, weird or insanity?

Every day, they walk in the same order, dressed in what looks like wool attires. Their father would be in the front clutching a baby, the children who appear by their look to be between the ages of five and three would queue behind their father while their mother would give them cover from behind.


The funniest thing is that as weird and insane as they appear, they speak perfect queens English.


A youth Corps member (names withheld ) said;” it happens to be the weirdest situation I have ever seen in my entire life. I have been trying to get this shot for the past five months and whenever I tried, they either walk past too quickly, change direction, or not just close enough.



” At other times, I may be on a bike and whenever I asked the cyclist slow down so I could get a shot of them, he would not agree to stop, as he would be afraid that the man who he believed was insane may hurt me.



” The first time I saw them here in Ogoja, my heart melted, I was livid. And my mind wandered, why a family, husband, wife, and three beautiful children would be plagued with insanity. My heart could not contain the curiosity, then I began to ask questions. Anytime I drove past them in a car or on a bike, I engage the driver or someone in a conversation about them.



” I have seen them trekking long distances under the scorching sun. I have also met them in the market making inquiries where they could get a particular item to buy. They were never separated, always found walking together. But the intriguing part is their communication skill. They speak perfect English.



” I have heard the man instructing one of his children who was walking sluggishly behind him as they trekked down the road; “Hey Dorcas, will you hurry up, common girl, meet up with the pace. At the market, he asked someone for directions and he went; “Hey ma’am, Pls where can I get this and that … .As you can see, their dreadlocks are twisted, showing that it has lasted for God knows how long”.


A resident told Cornerstone News that:” we don’t know who they are and where they came from. I suspect that they were chased out from their community and they deliberately speak English so that people don’t know where they came from. I don’t think that they are insane as people think. They know what they are doing “.


Another resident, John Udoh, called on the state government and security agencies to do something about the family as they may be on a dangerous mission in the state pretending to be mad, ” I don’t see them as mad. I suspect they have ulterior motives. They must be on a mission. The Police should do something urgently to investigate them.


The government and other security agencies should also not fold this arms. They should do something about the family. If they are not of the stable mind, they should be rehabilitated, but if they are not genuine, they should do the needful “.

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