The Vanguard publication of 13th of May 2019 by one Luka Igbinoba

The Vanguard publication of 13th  of May 2019 by one Luka Igbinoba

Our attention was drawn to the above publication by Luka Ibginoba who falsely and deceitfully misrepresented the fact in his publication. His publication denegraded the INEC, Judiciary and our Most distinguished Senator elect by his use of incendiary words
based on his erroneous lines between facts and fables, expecting Nigerians to buy his debilitating and fallacious narratives. The publisher was inexact and facts were inappropriately distorted. His publication was fictitious based on his false narratives, the truth remains that he will eventually end up on the chopping block of the inexorable truth. He can “fool people some of the time, but not all of the time”.

The Federal high court judgement was very emphatic, unequivocal and unbiased. The legal department of INEC took due diligence and continuance before issuing the Certificate of Returns to prince Dr Ned Nwoko.
It is undisputedly that his victory was clear, therefore the writer’s nonplus is without contradiction. The writer who I presume is abreast with The outgoing Senator’s campaign slogan. To refresh your mind if you have forgotten, he was talking with excessive pride that the land and the sea belongs to him, that the Judiciary is in his pocket why is he now feeling eschewed. Nwaoboshi boasted that Ned should not bother about the outcome of the judgement because all the court in Nigerian is in his pocket.

The judgement was delivered with utmost fairness without bias or prejudice, for Senator Nwaoboshi and his supporters to make such incongruous statements is not only delusional but insulting to INEC, our legal system and Senator-elect Dr Ned Nwoko.
Dr Ned Nwoko participated in the election from the primaries to the governorship election, he was the vice chairman of The governor’s campaign counsel, he was also the chairman and founder of operation return Okowa.
The allegation that he did not participate in the election is not only unfounded but debilitatingly acrimonious.

Ned clearly won the election, but some dubious party members collaborated to skirt him by changing the result m
Perverting his victory is tantamount to perverting justice by manipulation against fairness,” the deviant or pervert though that would give them victory, it was temporal because the Federal high court ruling retracted the sham to decadent fiction.
Dr Ned Nwoko’s victory was fair and just. The Judgment was unequivocal and Incontrovertible.
Chris Okobah PhD

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