Ubulu-Uku to Get Central Youth Body as UDC Pledges Unwavering Support for Chukwunwike*

Posted On 07 Sep 2021
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A central body that will address issues affecting Ubulu-Uku youths is likely to appear soon. It will bear the name Ubulu-Uku Youth Development Committee (UYDC) and play the statutory role of galvanising the youths in the community.

This was revealed on Monday when a delegation of Ubulu-Uku Development Council (UDC) paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of Aniocha South Local Government Area, Ogwashi-Uku.

Briefing Hon Pastor Jude Chukwunwike, the leader of the delegation Sir Jonathan Monye said that the Executive Chairman’s pragmatic approach in leadership has brought honour to Aniocha South. The group therefore, assured his administration of unwavering support.

According to Monye who visited in company of the national president of UDC Elder Ebele Ijeh (JP) and vice president of Asaba branch, Engr John Onwualu (JP), Chukwunwike “is not yet a guru” but I must say that “he has impressed me with what he is doing. He chose to lead well and I can say so far that he is doing just good”.

When asked by newsmen to give words of encouragement to the Chairman, Monye said, “this is a tasking one, looking at my own position as a Presidents-General, when people say that I will go two tenure, I usually tell then no because of the daunting realities of leadership. So I can imagine what Hon Chukwunwike is going through. We will continue to hold him in prayers. The whole of Aniocha South is praying for him and, God will bring an effectual change through him, he will be a transformational leader that will make a remarkable difference that will be of remarkable insights”.

He added that at every point and in every task, “I’ve observed that Hon Chukwunwike’s approach is always stunning. I’m impressed. And, we pray that he will end well. The same mouth that I am using to say good about him, is what I’ll use to correct him when I notice that he’s going contrary to the expectation of God and the people”, he said, adding that “just as Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa is known in Delta State as a Governor who has brought remarkable transformation, I desire that Hon Chukwunwike will make remarkable difference in Aniocha South”.

On Ubulu-Uku youths, Monye assured the number one citizen of Aniocha South that he will henceforth get monthly reports about affairs of the people. “We want to see how we can incorporate and giving you updates because you are a stakeholder. One of our major challenge is to have a central youth platform. We want to have the Ubulu-Uku Youth Development Committee that will play the role of galvanising Ubulu-Uku youths. We have set up an electoral committee. So we want the youths to have quality representation.

“For Ubulu-Uku youths, we kick against animosity. We want youths that will represent nobility across various strata of the society. Ubulu-Uku has a brand so we want to have the kind of youths that will be a reference point to every right thinking member of the society”, Monye added passionately.

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