Posted On 15 Sep 2021
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♎Hints on how Mowers will be Distributed in public Schools

Hon Pastor Jude Chukwunwike has said that the mowers purchased for public schools in Aniocha South Local Government Area will be distributed with minders.

He noted that the grass cutting machines will be handed over to Councilors and leaders who will help each school in their respective wards to maintain them.

He spoke on Monday when a delegation of Beacon club led by chief A.I Nwanze paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of Aniocha South Local Government Area in Ogwashi-Uku.

His words: “I appreciate you people for coming to appreciate what we are doing. We brought in policies that were set on making a difference but, we started by calling different stakeholders meetings to first inform and pacify the various communities before carrying out our task. In the area of putting sanity in the market, we had to let the people know that our work is not in any way meant to take them out of business.

On the successes recorded thus far in Ogwashi-Uku and other communities in Aniocha South, he said “by the grace of God, we took time to patiently talk with stakeholders before we commenced implementation of our policy statement”.

The Council boss seized the opportunity to call for support across boards, stressing that the mission and vision of his administration are for the general good of the people.

“God has been there for us despite all forms of pressure. In our operations dialogue has always been the first point of action because I understand that the use of force can be counterproductive. Dialogue works wonders. I appreciate the support coming from various community leaders, most of them saw our vision and went extra mile to support us”.

Hon Chukwunwike hinted that his motivation comes from a firmly established affection for the well-being of the people, “when I came into office as Chairman I was unsettled by the fact that the vigilante was totally humanitarian. The security group weren’t paid and that became a cause for concern. I found out that they were practically going through hard times having to secure communities without pay so, I decided to pay them stipends every month to encourage them in carrying out their duties. And, today the people are happy now that vigilantees have become effective”.

He added that, “In Ogwashi-Uku market, we found that criminals had ease of entry when the traders were away so, we decided to fence and put gates. Now, the market is better secured with gates that checkmate ingress and egress”.

Acknowledging that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop, Hon Chukwunwike highlighted the youth friendly stratagem of his administration, “We have engaged the youths as a way of addressing restiveness. A handfull of them have been taken of the streets and placed in different committees made up of various councilors. The councilors and leaders generate the list that populate the committees”, Chukwunwike explained.

Reiterating his commitment towards children’s right to education, the number one citizen of Aniocha South said: “we looked at that the primary schools and found out that the whole place is usually overgrown by weeds because the pupils are too tender to cut grasses with their bare hands so, we decided to purchase mowers that will be distributed as soon they resume but, we want to assign the mowers to councilors and leaders for maintenance purposes. We won’t like a situation whereby we give the mowers to schools and they cannot maintain it when necessary.

On how the mowers will be given to each school, he said that, “when we get to a particular school, we write down the name of the person that will be helping us maintain the mower there – buy oil and fuel as the case may be so that we collectively assist those children”.

Talking about things the people should expect going forward from his administration, the Chairman said, “we are looking at things that may not be capital intensive but will added value to the lives of our people at the long run”.

The Beacon club earlier said that the purpose of its visit was to encourage the Executive Chairman of Aniocha South on the good cause that has distinguished his administration.

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