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Family cries to CP over son’s death, demands justice

° says the police stage managed killing

The Davison Okongwu family of Umunya, Anambra State, has cried to the Commissioner of Police in Cross River State, Mr. Sule Balarabe, to fish out the killers of their son who was allegedly murdered in transit along Ogoja/Ugep road and bring them to justice.
The family has alleged that policemen from Calabar, who were contracted by his business competitor, murdered their son.
According to the family, after killing Davison, the police arranged a scene making it look as if it was an attack by unknown gunmen.
The twin brother to the deceased, Mr. David Okongwu, who was at the head office of The Sun Newspapers in Lagos recently to brief reporters, said his brother’s ordeal started when he began doing business with one Obodo in Ogoja, Cross River State.
“My twin brother was into big-time recharge cards business. He used to pick his markets from some other states but since there is a law that dealers should concentrate on one state, my brother decided to settle down in Ogoja. It was through the business that he met Obodo, who started doing business with him, but he did not know that Obodo was not happy doing business with him.
“My twin brother made the worst mistake of renting a shop in his compound to Obodo’s former apprentice, which did not go down well with Obodo. My brother also did some business transactions with Obodo, but he was unable to pay him back. The business was done just on January 2, 2023, and Obodo started threatening to arrest my brother. Out of the N1.2 million my brother was owing Obodo, he was able to pay N500,000 and pleaded that he should be given till the end of February to pay back. February is just beginning but Obodo called in the police from State Criminal Investigation Department, State Headquarters, from Calabar to Ogoja.
“We suspect foul play because he did not report the matter at Ogoja, but Calabar.
“We don’t believe the story that our brother was killed by unknown gunmen, but the police, contracted by Obodo. How come none of the policemen was killed or injured and how come that it was only the two civilians, my brother and Obodo’s apprentice, that were killed?
“Second, there was no single drop of blood in the vehicle they claimed that my brother was killed in. My brother was brought out by the police and assassinated by the police. After killing our brother on the highway, the police just brought a vehicle and fired a shot on it to make it look like it was riddled with bullets, but why was there no blood in the vehicle?
“We call on the Cross River State police commissioner to wade into the matter, arrest Obodo and the policemen behind this crime and bring them to justice. The case should be thoroughly investigated.”
In his reaction, Mr. Obodo denied the allegation. He told Daily Sun, “I am not a foolish man to send policemen to assassinate someone and my boy, who is the closest person to me. I did not ask anyone to shoot anybody. I legitimately reported a criminal matter to the Cross River State Police Command, where the crime was committed, even though we live in Ogoja. The police arrested him and I sent my boy to go with the police, and the unexpected happened. I am bereaved as well and also a victim of circumstances.
“Many things have been happening to me this period, but I have decided to leave everything to God. The Okongwus should not tarnish my name. I am not a killer and I didn’t send anyone to kill anybody. If I had wanted to assassinate someone, would it be the police that I would use?”
Meanwhile, Cross River State police public relations officer, Helen Ugbo, confirmed she was aware of the matter, adding that, “The police officers did not follow due process and proper police channels. The policemen knew that the road was dangerous, yet they embarked on such a journey unarmed. We were told that yet-be-identified gunmen attacked them.
“The policemen are in our custody and will soon face disciplinary actions. The case will be thoroughly investigated. We shall soon come out with a statement on the incident.”

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