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Joy as Oshodi Secondary school, 92 set marks 30th anniversary in Lagos

It was joy all through last week Saturday,as class 92 of Oshodi Secondary School, Tolu Complex, Olodi Apapa, Lagos,marked its’ 30th Anniversary and reunion.
The class also used the opportunity to hold its’ Annual General Meeting,tagged ‘ AGM of Oshodi Royal Eminent Old Student Association ‘ where proper account, concerning the finance of the association was visibly rendered.
Their joy knew no bounds,as emotion and spirit of nostalgia rent the entire hall of Leila’s Palace , Ire Akari Estate, Isolo, venue of the reunion.

From l: Chinyere , Samuel Adeyemi, Ronke Egbayelo, George Ogiri, George Peters and President of Oshodi Royal Eminent, Egbegi Irikefe
From l: Treasurer , Oshodi Royal Eminent Students Association, Mr George Tamunotonye Peters ; husband of one of the teachers, Mr Okonkwo; former teacher, Mrs Philomena Okonkwo and former Head Boy, Oshodi Secondary School, Tolu Village,Mr George Ogiri, presenting a souvenir to Mrs Okonkwo.

The appearance of some of their teachers, especially that of English/ French teacher, Mrs. Philipa Okonji, were greated with euphoria,as they poured encomiums on her .
Mrs. Okonji,who was highly elated seeing her former students, doing exploits in all fields of their different carriers,said ,she was the happiest person on earth for honouring the occasion,” I am so happy, because I started my career in the year 1992, and I taught a particular set during my time with the set, I always predicted their results from their performances. Though I’m no longer in active service, because I am retired,but I still remember vividly that the class of 92 was exceptionally incredible and intelligent.This 92 set is very special and wonderful and i hope they keep the flag flying. I am seriously happy for all of them. The dream of every teacher is for his or her students to be successful and even greater than them .It is good to work hard. I am happy that my students are doing wonderfully well. I can see it and I am feeling it.
“My advice to students is that they should take life easy, life is full of ups and downs, it’s not everything you expected when you were young that will come to accomplishment, remember to always put God first, without God, you are nothing. I can see that the class of 96 has demonstrated that there is love among them. For them to put this gathering,shows a lot and I hope that other sets will emulate this unity in love . It shall be well with you people in every area of your endeavours”.
President of the association, Mr Egbedi Greg Irikefe, in his welcome address, advised that love should lead in everything they do, quoting , Tyron Edwards, an American Theologian, he said,”every parting is a form of death,but every reunion is a type of heaven”.
According to Irikefe, he could not believe that it was over 30 years that they left the Secondary School in the surburb of Olodi Apapa,” how time flies? Many dreams may have been accomplished, many dashed,and many still on the road to achieving their dreams , the good thing is that God has been there for them.
” Why I said we should give glory to God is that a lot has happened. Many of our mates are dead with their aspirations buried with them; many are alive and still kicking with hope,but in all these, we give all glory to God. I am praying that as you party, connect,and interact, let us remember all those who could not make it to the reunion in prayers.May the almighty God continue to keep us together in one peace and many faithful and progressive years ahead”.
Vice president of the association, Mrs. Evelyn Jerry-Usman,who was also a member of the organising committee did not hold back her joy,said:”I feel good, happy, and privileged to be part of this event. We are celebrating 30 years of celebration of what God has done in our lives, and I’m seeing my secondary school mates that I haven’t seen for a very long time. I can also see our teachers, especially Mrs. Okonji. She was a very disciplined teacher, while we were growing up and ofcourse, you know, students usually don’t like teachers ,who are strict, but she instilled, not only discipline in us, but so many good things that are helping us both at home and carrier . I recalled one time that something happened,and she said it was a must someone would explain what happened, I stood up and that was my first time that I stood up in the class to express myself in English language, and at the end of the day ,she was impressed that I was able to express myself without committing any blunder. She took so much personal interest in me. she would call me aside to talk to me;advice me on how to become a good leader and a good ambassador, I’m proud today for who I have become. Yes, all she advised me are always on my mind. I appreciate her and other teachers who helped in moulding us to who we are.
“My advice to the students of the school is that they should be disciplined,focused and know what they want to be in life . Life is a goal, to achieve it you must work hard . Times are hard, the economy is bad,but those who work hard must surely survive and become who they want to be”.
Secretary to the old students association, Mr. Akindolire Ambimbola who was highly elated explained that,”this is our 30th Anniversary, we have invited our colleagues,from all part of the country to come and celebrate with us .Some of the members here have not had the opportunity to see each other for so long a time, but today has offered us the opportunity through this reunion. Moreover, we’re also presenting our end of the year account .We are also thanking God for life. For instance, one of us was involved in a motor accident, he is here with us today,so we are also celebrating him. We want to take this wonderful opportunity to give appraisal of how far we have gone. last year,we completed the library in the secondary school; we equipped it and the school is very happy with what we have done. Next year, we are planning to hold a seminar to enlighten our students who should be graduating as we did in 192, and are about to enter the world. We intend to advise them on the challenges confronting people after Secondary school. We want to tell them the stark truth,so that they won’t be held unawares. We want to educate them about drugs, crimes and other things”.
Head boy of Oshodi Secondary School, Class 92, Mr. George Ogari, remembered with nostalgia how they fared in the school and how it was after 30 years,” I remember how we gathered in the Assembly Hall, singing and reciting the holy books. I remember how we used to recite the school Anthem and National Anthem. The silence in examination halls,our teachers’ delivery day in and out in classrooms, visit to the principal’s office,play during break time filled with the noise and laughter of children who had very few cares. We worked hard, but played harder. Great friendships ensued that last till this day. It did not matter how many decades have gone past.
” Today, we are making families. Indeed, some of us are even grandparents; and we continue to find strength and wisdom through our histories and current relationships. I am happy this day to know and associate with you and to celebrate this great school that brought us together for good”.
For Senior Girl’s Prefect, of the association,Mrs Aniefiok Iniobong Udoh, the activities, while in the school remained very fresh in her memory, ” I remember vividly the day we were all enrolled in the prestigious institution in September 1986. We all came from different schools with different mindsets and world views to be tutored and prepared for a successful future. The preparation process was not easy at all. Sometimes, we felt like we were being maltreated, but now we know that we were only being prepared to be valuable, competent and relivant in the future. Many of us left at some points in this journey, for one reason or the other. In all, we are grateful to be be celebrated today.
” To my colleagues, we are encouraged to keep the flag flying as ambassadors of Oshodi Secondary School, Tolu School Complex. Keeping the motto of the school: Service to God and Humanity. We must be the true definition of academic excellence and godliness wherever we find ourselves”.
Dr. Udoh, also advised the present students of the school to keep pushing,”be steadfast and focused.keep your light shining brightly and never allow the winds of life to put out your light. Endeavour to patronise your day to day activities and take quick actions towards the realization of your dreams. Never give up on your dreams. Above all ,never forget God because,he is the ultimate guide who holds the map of your life.
” To our teachers, we appreciate your labour of love and commitment. God alone will reward you. God bless you all”.

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