Mob lynched man for killing brother’s 3 kids in Aba

Mob lynched man for killing brother’s 3 kids in Aba

A man residing in Green Estate, Ndiegoro, Aba, Abia State last weekend killed his brother’s three children and was mobbed. According to a source, the assailant, who is said to be living in their family house used to behave abnormally before the incident.

He was alleged to have confronted his elder brother to share their father’s property but was infuriated by his brother’s refusal to his request. So, he nursed plans to deal with him.

A source said: “He grabbed the first daughter and cut her throat. The other children tried to raise the alarm and he attacked them too. While the eldest child died on the spot, two of her siblings died on their way to the hospital.

“The elder brother was busy sewing some of the clothes and the assailant noticed that the man’s attention was on what he was doing. He locked him inside the shop so he would not rescue the children.

“When neighbours and passersby saw what happened, they were unable to bear the man’s atrocious behaviour and they  lynched him.”

 Commissioner of Police in the state, Eneh Okon, said a preliminary investigation showed that it was as a result of family dispute. He, however, disclosed that intelligence officers are still investigating to get to the actual root of the matter.

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