Nigeria’s problem spiritual, not economic, political – Prophet Ojenanmor

Nigeria’s problem spiritual, not economic, political - Prophet Ojenanmor
Prophet Ojenanmor
The town of Ubulu-Uku, in Anoicha South Local Government Area of Delta State, is today the most visited town in the Anioma region of the state, not for political purposes but because of the quest for miracles at the Faith and Deliverance Ministry, superintended by Prophet Uche Agbamuche (aka Ojenanmor ). In this interview with Christopher Oji, the end-time prophet talks about Nigeria’s problems, their solutions, and many other topical issues. Except: 

Nigeria has been described as one of the most miserable countries in the world. As a prophet of God, what is the problem with Nigeria? 

God is not happy with Nigeria. Our problems are beyond political and economical. It is purely a spiritual one. Even if we bring Barack Obama, join him with Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala and Aliko Dangote, the country will still be going one step forward, two steps backward.  I am not a prophet of doom but God, Jehovah, the I Am that I Am, has warned that we should repent from the sin of blood. We should cry to God for mercy. He said there is too much shedding of innocent blood. Blood is flowing like the rivers. If our leaders have the wisdom to understand that blood cries and that God hears the cries of innocent blood, they would set aside three days to cry for mercy and God will heal Nigeria and every other postulation will key in.

Are you talking of political assassinations?  Not only political killings. There were killings in clashes between herdsmen and farmers in Benue and Nasarawa states. There was this massacre in Benue, where Catholic priests and worshippers were shot dead as if we were in a war situation. What of the people that were killed for rituals or those killed through jungle justice? Innocent children are killed every day through abortion. In fact, the number of children killed through abortion is higher than the number of people killed in the North-East by the Boko Haram terrorist group. Innocent soldiers are being wasted every day. There is too much blood flowing like a river in Nigeria. The moment we turn to God, we would have solved 80 percent of our problems.

Some people, especially those in government, believe our problems arise from corruption; why do you have a contrary view?  Corruption no doubt is part of our problems, but it still boils down to bloodshed. Do you know how many people have died on that road that the government has paid a contractor to repair and he ate the money? The blood of the people that died on the road is crying for vengeance. Have you forgotten the blood of the innocent children that were wasted in the (recent) Lagos collapsed building because the contractor that built that house used substandard materials? Do you know how many people died because they could not afford medical attention abroad, yet the government has paid for the equipment but someone ate the money? Have you asked yourself what fake drugs do to those who take them? You go to the drug store and buy drugs and you might think it is not working, not knowing that it is ordinary chalk. Many people have died through corruption. That is why I say our problems are spiritual. Many pensioners have died because somebody, somewhere refused to pay them their money, using it to do business. Our youths are going into all sorts of vices because someone, through bad leadership, has mortgaged the future of the youth.  Once we stop mundane practices and begin to go spiritual, we would arrive. A spiritual man is a godly person and must not commit evil. The blood of the innocent cries out. Read the story of Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel and the blood cried and God heard his cry. Remember Naboth, who was killed by King Ahab and his wife Jezebel and his blood cried to the high heavens and God heard his cry. Remember King David, who masterminded the death of Uriah after which he took his wife. Uriah’s blood cried to God and he heard and David suffered for it.

Your place is like a Mecca of sorts; so, what is happening here? The Bible said, Upon Mount Zion, there shall be deliverance. There is pure deliverance and raw prophecy here. People are looking for signs and wonders. They have different problems bedeviling them. Many of them are looking for the fruit of the womb, deliverance from satanic bondage, and satanic bondage can be joblessness or sickness. Some have money to pick up wives, but they won’t. Some are under witchcraft spell. Many people are under the bondage of family idols and once they set their feet on the mercy ground, God will use me as his oracle to tell them the cause of their problems and give them the solutions. It is one thing to give prophecy, but do you give them the solution as well? That is why you see people trooping here as if there is a political rally.  I am very sorry to say this, 90 percent of the people you see here are not coming for salvation. They are here for miracles and that is the danger.

The Bible said to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and other things will be added unto you. Well, God who gave the advice is a merciful Father, even when he knows that they are only coming for miracles, he still grants it to them. I thank God for his wisdom and Mercy. A man was brought dead last time, and I saw sins in him, yet God raised him. I was asking, why, but he is all-knowing and we can’t question him. Once I call on him, he responds. But what I don’t like is that people are going too far in tempting God. At least, we should try to run away from sin.
You were preaching about an assassination attempt on your life; what happened? I did not call myself (to the ministry). I am from humble family background, not too educated. I was an ordinary welder, doing my ironwork when God called me in the North. He warned that I should return to my home town but I didn’t want to return home because I was still young. Well, when the call became persistent, I came back home and I was just attending Redeemed Christian Church of God as a worker when the voice came again. Well, when the call became too audible that I should be ready to deliver my people from bondage, I became more confused but God used some men and women of God to reveal His plan for me.

God proved himself when he showed me the proof I needed. He directed me to a hospital, where I met people crying over their dead family member that they were about putting in the mortuary. I laid my hands on him and he came back to life. It was the family that announced me. The rest is now history. Ever since people heard about it, they have not let me to rest. Now, if pray for people, they give me gifts. Some say that I was living in my father’s house, they bought blocks for me. I started building and completed my house. Some gave me car gifts and light started shining for me. Some men of God became jealous and started telling many false stories that I was using magical powers. I was not distracted because, if I used devilish powers, I would not last. Today, I am seven years in the ministry and the power of God is still raw. A pastor who felt that his church members were coming to my ministry sent assassins from Benin City after me. When they came, God arrested them and they surrendered to Jesus. They confessed that the pastor wanted me dead.

Why do you think people hate you?

I cannot say that people hate me, because you can see people trooping into the church. You can see gift items being donated to the church. It is evil people that hate me. If you are truthful, you don’t expect evil people to love you. You don’t expect a person who wants to kill someone and I expose him or her to love me. Is it the woman who is committing adultery and God said I should expose her? You don’t expect a big man that I expose his mother as a witch to love me. You don’t expect a man who wants to use his wife or kids for money-making rituals, and God used me to expose him to like me. Some of them say that I talk too much, but if I am not on the throne of prophecy, I go into my shell; when I am in the spirit, I cannot disobey God. Once he says I should speak, I must. Once I am face to face with anyone, no matter his position, God will show me everything and when I talk, the person could get angry. That is why evil people are after me.  I want people to understand that the gift of God is everlasting. What the Devil gives is short-lived.  Some say that I use herbs and other materials to work. I laugh. I am not a native doctor but when someone who is sick is brought to me and God shows me tree leaves and says I should squeeze them together and give the person who has diabetes to drink, should I disobey God? If someone is sick, God might tell me to use soap to bathe the person and I ask the family members to go to any shop and buy the soap and I bless it and the sick person bathes with it and becomes all right. Jesus wanted to heal a blind man and he spit on the ground, mixed it with sand and used it to rub the blind man’s eyes and he started seeing. God is the owner of life, a master strategist, all-knowing and all-seeing, he knows his own.  I would rather obey God than being distracted by what people say.

What is your advice to youths and the government?

The youths should give their lives to Jesus. There is this trend where people are stealing female underwear for money-making rituals. Youths must not be involved because God has warned that untimely death awaits those who steal people’s underwear. You should not despair, we know you are going through hardship, but resist crime. God will soon heal the nation.  The government should set aside three days for the atonement of our sins. Men of God should preach the gospel of repentance. Government, after the atonement for sins, should look into the unemployment saga in the country. The youths need enabling the environment to thrive. There are many jobless youths. It is not because they are lazy, but because there is no jobs or social welfare.
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