Police declare man wanted for none continuation of case

Posted On 19 Sep 2021
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Police declare man wanted for none continuation of case

The Nigeria Police Force has stepped up a manhunt for Mr. Uwamari Samson who reported a case and abandoned it.
Samson had reported at Agbor Police Station, Delta State on how a woman was threatening to kill him and the police arrested the woman who was quizzed and later granted bail.
According to the police, the woman was later rearrested when she allegedly continued the threat to kill Samson and the case was transferred from Agbor to State command Headquarters, Asaba, but while the case was being handled at Asaba, Samson fled and the police are still hunting for him.

A senior police officer told our Correspondent that Samson had narrated how the woman had boasted that she would kill him and nothing would stop her threat:” Samson and the woman, Stella, had started their problem in 2014, but the case was reported to us in 2015. We resolved it, but Samson later left his former place Agbor to Asaba, claiming that a group of boys believed to be sent by Stella was fighting him. We came into the case again in November 2015 when again, Samson reported that he missed death by the whiskers as the group of boys who he can’t identify still traced him to Asaba. The boys according to him were armed with battle-ax and other cudgels. We picked Stella again, though she denied the allegation.

Police declare man wanted for none continuation of case
The police officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity told that Samson, an indigene of Agbor, Delta State, reported the threat to his life at Agbor Police Station, from where it was transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Asaba, the Delta State capital, but the police could not do much as the complainant abandoned the good case against the woman who allegedly vowed to eliminate him.
We really interviewed the woman and we discovered that she was determined to carry out her threat:” Samson had always entertained the fear that even even though we would trace anything awry to the woman, prevention was better than cure. I think that was why he fled, abandoning the case. We don’t know where he fled to. Since 2016, we have been looking for him. His father claimed that he does not know his whereabouts but maintained that he wouldn’t blame him for going into hiding as the woman and her agents had made many attempts on his life.
The policeman said that Samson had reported to the police that the woman had a child for his father, which he wrote down in his statement, saying: “The child used to make jest of me because of my bad leg. I limp from the deformity from the injection I took against polio when I was a child. Funnily enough, it was the woman who gave me the injection. I was not bothered but I became worried when his friends joined him in mocking and making jest of me.

“The woman was even responsible for my misfortune because she was the person who gave me the injection that led to my bad leg. So, when I thought about the issue, I became angry. On a fateful day, when the boy and his friends were jeering at me, I got angry and hit him in the eyes with a stone and he lost one of his eyes.”

“That was the beginning of my predicament. The boy’s mother started threatening me. They beat me every day. I once stayed in the hospital for three days. One day, they used a battle-ax to hit me on my ankle. I still bear the mark”.

Samson’s statement with us continued:

“My fear became palpable in 2015 when the woman said that she would kill me and must avenge her son’s injury. One day, a man who respects my family so much advised me to leave the country, because the woman was desperate to kill me. My dad is also afraid and warned me to stay away fr my community because the woman kept threatening to kill me,”

he said.

Samson, therefore, called on the police high command to give him justice by prosecuting the woman who wanted to turned him into a fugitive.
The police officer said:” While we arrested the woman and wanted to give Samson justice by charging the matter to the Court, he is nowhere to be found and that is why we have declared a serious manhunt for him. He should come and complete the case because, without his presence, the woman can’t be prosecuted as there won’t be a witness to the charges against her.

Another police source at the SCID, Asaba, confirmed the matter to our correspondent. He said:

“We had such a case. The woman, Stella, had threatened to kill Samson. The boy reported the matter to the police and the woman was picked up. While we were handling the case, the boy ran away from home out of fear. I want to let you know that we would have handled the matter, but we don’t know the whereabouts of the complainant. That is all I can say for now.”

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