General elections had been flawed before voting – Dr Okobah

General elections had been flawed before voting - Dr Okobah

” The Nigerian national election was to take place on February 16 ,2019 , unfortunately it was postponed due to some inexplicable reasons .
This election has been fundamentally flawed before the voting even began as the president refused to sign any electoral reform act , so that he and his party can use all state mercenaries to illegally manipulate the outcome of the election.

The stakes are incredibly high. Elections in Nigeria are not a civil political competition; they are an all-out contest for power and resources, often between political parties and groups organised by ethnicity. Because there are few peaceful and participatory ways of addressing ethnic tensions in non election years here, elections often devolve into an outlet for expressing pent-up frustrations.

The state is a major provider of jobs and wealth, and so being left out of government can mean being marginalised, not only politically, but also economically. Since Nigeria’s independence from Britain in 1960, the presidential position has been attained by only three tribes ; the Hausa Fulani, represented by Fulani, the Yoruba, represented by south Western, the South Eastern and South South has only produced the exalted position once .

This particular election produced two candidates from the Hausa – Fulani ethnic group. Coupled with the President Muhamadu Buhari appointing his niece as Chairman Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) Logistics Committee. The election has been postponed because of logistics problems . Only Almighty God will rescue Nigeria from this incompetent administration .”
Chris Okobah PHD
Writes from Abuja

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