The police gave the name of the newly arrested suspect as Kenneth Ebuka, 23.

The police gave the name of the newly arrested suspect as Kenneth Ebuka, 23.

Ebuka, during interrogation, claimed that he had gone of look for his friend, Mayoma, where he saw the operators bound in hands and legs.
He said: ” I was arrested in Ogun state where I fled to when I heard that police had arrested Pencil and others in connection with the murder cases.I was not involved in the cases at all.

I had gone to.look for Mayowa at his place but his wife told me he was not home and that she found it difficult reaching him on phone. As I left his place, I saw a friend who said I should check on him at Pencil’s boys quarters. I really met him. I also saw two men on the floor and overheard Pencil saying he would kill the men.

At that point, I told Mayowa that I was leaving because I didn’t want anything to do with the death of human beings. But Pencil shut me up and pointed a gun on my head. He said whatever was seen there should be kept within ourselves.

I was not where the men were killed, neither was I aware they were kidnapped. I was only given N40,000 the next day. It was later that I got to know that the men were kidnapped and N1.6 collected from their relations. That was why I fled to my cousin’s place in Ogun when I heard that others were equally arrested. Unfortunately, I was arrested. I regret going to look for Mayowa on that day. I also regret not reporting to the police of what I witnessed. I was not involved “.

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