3 arrested for using Sunny Ade’s name to swindle people of millions

3 arrested for using Sunny Ade's name to swindle people of millions

Three members of a syndicate that allegedly used the name of music icon, Sunday Adegeyi  ( aka King Sunny Ade  KSA ) to swindle unsuspecting victims of several millions of money. The suspects, two men and a young girl are being interrogated at the Special Intelligence Bureau (SIB) of the Lagos State Police Command, headed by CSP Vera Amen. The leader of the gang had opened an Instagram page in the social media with Sunny Ade’s name, advertising that KSA would want to assist interested people to travel on music tours to Europe, America and Asia. The gang leader, Oyedekun ( aka Law) also wrote in the Instagram page that those who were interested in the tour should pay as from N50,0000 to N 100,000, pending the area of interest.

A Senior police officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity as he was not supposed to speak to the press said:” Just like magic, people began to pay money into the accounts the syndicate provided. They provided two different accounts. Because KSA is a well known and reliable musician, people started paying and the syndicate was withdrawing the money daily and promising to contact the victims as at when due “It was while people were saying that those who were close to KSA notified him of the development. Some of his fans and close associates started thanking him for trying to assist the youths. KSA now raised the alarm that people were using his name to swindle innocent citizens and quickly reported the matter to the police at SIB and our operatives tracked the suspects to Ibadan and Oyo town in Oyo State where they were arrested. 

N95, 000 were recovered from the suspects because they were withdrawing the loot daily “.KSA who said he was embarrassed by the development, thanked the members of the public who called his attention to the scam and equally thanked the police for their quick action in arresting the suspects. He appealed to the police to make sure that they recover all the stolen money and return so to the rightful owners: ” I understand the sorrow the victims are going through, please, recover the money and give it back to the rightful owners. I equally want to appeal to the youths to shun advance fee fraud in all guises. Crime does not pay. Rather than exert their energies in evil, the youths should discover their potential and talents. I did not learn how to play music or went to any music school, I just felt that I could do it and I tried and all is now history. I was doing menial jobs and not stealing to survive before I delved into music.

Crime does not pay, if the police do not arrest you, the people you swindled or robbed will rain curses on you and the curse will remain effective from generations to generations. People should also be wary of offers in social media. Ask questions and confirm the source before transacting business with people, especially in social media. Parents, Schools, religious leaders and traditional rulers should preach the evil of fraud. The government and well-meaning Nigerians should start serious advocacy about the danger of crime. The youths are our future leader if we don’t train them well the future is gone. As for me, I will start serious enlightenment campaign on the evil of crime “.

The leader of the syndicate, Oyedekun, who exonerated his alleged accomplices said: “Really, I was responsible for the crime. I was arrested for using King Sunny Ade’s name to swindle people. I opened an Instagram page and told people that I was Sunny Ade and that I needed to assist the youths to travel abroad. I just tried it and it worked. I collected about N3.5 million. The money was not coming big. Some would pay half and promise to pay the balance later. As for the two persons arrested alongside with me, they did not know what I was doing The girl, Rebecca is my girlfriend. The other guy is my friend.

Their sin was that I used their account numbers to do the transactions. I am a blogger, so I lied to them that my bank account had a problem and that I needed their bank accounts to collect money for adverts in my blog. They would alert me when victims pay into their accounts and I would use their ATM to withdraw the money. I used to give them small tips. I am really very sorry for the embarrassment I have caused them”.However, the police have vowed to recover the loots and return them back to their owners while they have vowed to charge the suspects to the Court.

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